domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

How can anyone be blue in Paris?

So my dears, here I am happy as a clam  with my morning coffee, my toasts with jam and cheese (delicious gouda with pesto!) and listening to this song by Frank Sinatra:

"Gone and got the blues in Paris
Paris blues called Azure-Te
How can I be blue in Paris?
It's easy 'cause you're far away
Can't lose these blues, this Azure-Te

Side-walk tables filled with people
Always happy, always gay
Still I'm all alone in Paris
Praying you'll return someday
Can't lose this blues, this Azure-Te

Montmarte, springtime, Eiffel Tower
Funny taxis, the kids at play
Paris without you is lonesome
Yearning more and more each day
Can't lose this blues, this Azure-Te

If you knew how much I need you
You'd come back to me to stay
Having you with me in Paris
Really is the only way
To lose this blues, this Azure-Te
These Paris blues, this Azure-Te"

Come on Mister Sinatra get over it! Go walk a little, eat a's Paris! And there's nowhere else I would rather be this morning...
Paintings by artist Liudmila Kondakova.

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  1. Absolutely stunning paintings! They are so realistic and bring me back to my trips to Paris - divine!
    Thanks for sharing~