jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

From a window

I need to share with you this lovely view! It´s from the window of a tiny restaurant located very close to the Poás Volcano.
Quería enseñarles esta vista tan linda, tomé la foto desde la ventana de un restaurancito que queda camino al volcán Poás.

The best part was to spend time with my husband, we had a delicious hot beverage called Agua Dulce!
La mejor parte fue sacar el rato para compartir  una taza de Agua Dulce con mi esposito, además me comí la mejor tortilla con queso!

Being there was also was amusing because next to our table was sitting a group of tourists from India and they were talking to each other really loud and I couldn´t get a word...I like when that happens,I mean, when I get the chance to hear an extremely diferent language... is that weird?
También me entretuve porque en la mesa de la par había un grupo de turistas de la India y hablaban altísimo, no se entendía nada...A mí me gusta cuando pasa eso, digo, tener la oportunidad de oir un idioma extremadamente diferente al mío...Les parece muy raro?

I wish we get to take a small trip again this weekend, what are your plans? It´s almost friday!
Ojalá podamos hacer otro paseito este fin de semana, qué planes tienen? Ya casi es viernes!

viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

Most charming house ever

Hello ladies!
Did you ever see this movie? It`s called Bewitched and is probably one of the worst characters Nicole Kidman has played (except for that dumb girl in the movie Australia)...But I just kept watching because of the house...Oh the house!
Hola queridas!
Han visto esta peli? Se llama Bewitched y probablemente sea el peor personaje protagonizado por Nicole Kidman (excepto por el papel de mensa que hizo en Australia)...Yo sólo seguí viendo la película con tal de ver la casa...Ah qué casa!

Cute right? You should thank me, now you won`t have to see the whole movie!
Have an "out of the routine" friday night :)
Linda verdad? Deberían agradecerme porque ya no tienen que ver la peli completa!
Que tengan una noche de viernes fuera de la rutina :)

(Fotos del blog Hooked on houses)

lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

A place for my work

People who work freelance as I do, need a place  to get away from all the distractions of the house and just be able to focus on their work. I don´t know about you, but it is incredibly hard for me to concentrate  when I work from home.

Here is my place. It´s where I write my articles for magazines, I blog, I email, I work on my pics and where most of my daydreaming happens. But if you ask my son, he'd say this is where I log on facebook all day long.

If you pay attention you'll see there is a theme in the decoration, well it´s not that hard to guess!

  It gets lonely when you work at home, sometimes I miss the jokes and lunch time at my old office, but I guess I'm lucky to work by my own schedule, surrounded by the things that make me smile, like this vintage beauty

And this Polaroid, my first camera at age 12! It was love at first sight,you can ask my mom...


Also, I have my messy book shelves

And good music

This is a wooden leaf, a gift from my sister in law who lived in Paris and  bought it at the African Market (I use it for my keys)

And this is a gorgeous pine desk that my husband  treated many years a , before we met

This below, is as colorfull as my house gets!The red bag is actually morrocan but my friends call it Machu Pichu :)

And back to my pale palete!

You should know this is the place where my dogs sleep at night, and during rainy afternoons too, so they keep me company most of the time :)
Have a very productive week!

viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

Grandma's birthday party!

Yeap! That´s my grandma in the back...
Sip! Esa del fondo es mi abuelita...

She turned 66!
Cumplió 66 años!

All the family got together at my aunt's place, even our little cousins came from Honduras :) We had so much fun with the piñata 
Toda la familia se reunió en la casa de mi tía, hasta vinieron mis primitos de Honduras :) Nos reímos muchísimo con la piñata

And laughed sooo hard playing musical chairs...
Pero lo más divertido fue jugar sillitas musicales...

I lost!

And of course, we danced...
Y bailamos por supuesto...
 (My grandpa and his sister)
(Mi abuelito y su hermana)

Danced a little more... and did I mention we laughed?
Bailamos otro poquito...y les comenté lo mucho que nos reímos?

Well, that´s how we celebrate! 
(Until some of us are exhausted)
Bueno, pues así es como celebramos nosotros!
(Hasta que algunos caen exhaustos)

Absolutely a happy birthday! 
Definitivamente fue un muy feliz cumpleaños!

The birthday girl's name is Amalia, she is my father's mom and some people say I look a lot like her, what do you think?
La cumpleañera se llama Amalia y es mi abuelita paterna. Me han dicho que me parezco mucho a ella, qué opinan ustedes?