martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Postcard from Barcelona and 4 tea cups

Don´t you love it when people know you so well that their presents just nail it?
The postcard was from my traveler sister in law and the tea cups from my mother in law.

What is  your favorite kind of present?
No les encanta que la gente las conozca tan bien, que cuando les dan un regalo es exactamente lo que ustedes hubieran escogido?
La postal me la trajo mi cuñada viajera y las tazas de té, me las dio mi suegra.

Cuál es su tipo de regalo favorito?

2 comentarios:

  1. so lovely to have people who take time to know details about you to give you a perfect gift! Those teacups are beautiful...

  2. oh, and my favorite kind of present would be something for my kitchen (anything Emile Henry or Le Creuset) as I love to cook for my family...and enjoy using these brands in the kitchen