miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

My not so little sister

My sister Sofía turned 18 and wanted to go for a haircut...makes me feel kind of old,maybe too old

She was a little anxious about a big change...

But she certainly wasn´t alone! There was my mom with her cool glasses...

My brother and his girlfriend...

Even my husband, my boy and me.

I bet you've never seen a family this supportive!

So we all waited there trying not to fall asleep,actually it was a hip place with loud music...

At the end...

She looked gorgeous and happy too!

And her cheerleading team was ready for pizza!!

We decided to go have dinner at an italian restaurant my son loves, because the weiter hands him a piece of dough every time we go, since he was two years old!

It was a cozy, little charming dinner


We love you and we'll always be there(just in case you panic again!)

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