lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

A borrowed season

Hello everyone!

I've been really absent lately, the reason is I am working a lot, I was very sick last week, there was my son's birthday party and on top of everything I decided to study again so I go to the university 3 nights a week. A bit exhausting!

I might share recent pictures with you soon, but right now just wanted to say I need time and I'm sure you'd understand. You'll see, this is my favorite part of the year when autumn fills blogland with comfort food, warm colors and new decore! I love that halloween comes, then thanksgiving, my birthday and finally christmas! 

So I really need to slow down, set my priorities and flow with the season. I know there is not a chance of autumn here in the tropics! Actually we are at the highest point of our rainy season but from October to December I just feel like baking, decorating, I also want to do some crafting and most of all I want to share food and spend a nice time with friends and family around the table...And the idea of fall is sooo inspiring!

The photos are via Melaine's blog,Lissa's blog and Country Living.

Have a nice monday!

3 comentarios:

  1. I love autumn too...September always feels fresh here in Vancouver. The leaves start turning,yet there's still autumn flowers in bloom like Mum's and hydrangeas, farmer's fields are filled with pumpkins, apples are ripe on the trees - there's morning dew and a light fog and then the sun comes out in the day to warm us enough to just wear a sweater or light jacket... and when you take a deep breath it smells of autumn :)

    I wish you well in your studies, and that you can find a pace that works well with the commitments you have as a wife, mother and student - but that you still have time to sit back and enjoy family and friends around the table :)

  2. That sounds beautiful! Jacqueline you are one of my favorite people :) Please tell me if there´s a blog of yours so I can visit!

  3. Hi Amelie, Thank you for your lovely words...I do not have a blog, but my daughter has one, Haute Design/Sarah Klassen. :) I truly enjoy reading your in Vancouver, our weather changed was very cool and windy and cloudy, then the sun came with some wind the clouds cleared away, and then just as fast as it came, the sun went, it clouded over and rained and hailed and was windy again, some thunder and lightning, and then sun again...that's fall weather in Vancouver :) I hope your week ahead is wonderful...