domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

Thanksgiving dinner:check!

Honestly I didn´t expect it would take so much hard work and I regret I didn´t have the time to take pictures.
But I can proudly say there was a bunch of happy people enjoying conversation and sharing great food. 
Our friends and family appreciated the evening and I´m really glad I made it :) 

I'm still tired, this has been a very long weekend for me but since the sweet Jacqueline asked, I went to the fridge and got this little proof...

Pumpkin pie made by my mother in law!
(It´s gonne by now...Ate it while the pics were loading)

Hope your thanksgiving was awesome!

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  1. fabulous! thanks for taking a pic of the pumpkin pie, it looks delicious - thank you for sharing about your first Thanksgiving :)

    Pumpkin pie is such a favorite - my Mom makes the best pumpkin pie in well, all of Canada ;) and I'm looking forward to it at Christmas as well as Tarte Tourtiere (a french meat pie) delicious.

    I am so happy to hear your Thanksgiving turned out well and with many to share it with you :) a new tradition to be carried in your home! Putting on a big dinner makes for a tiring day, but the enjoyment makes it all worthwhile :) Glad it turned out well