lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Charming little trees

You´ll see, I have never been a fan of huge trees and the tons of effort that envolves decorating them. 
One of my sisters in law lives in Strasbourg, France and last year she bought this gorgeous small but fat chistmas tree that looked sooo cute. I also love the fact that her ornaments are home made, such as dried oranges she once sent us by mail.

I fell in love with her lovely tree and now I want to show you these similar options I found:

I guess this would be the perfect size for my home since there´s a child who wants to surround it with presents and a husband not too willing to quit traditional big trees...But I will give it a try!

So, NOW have you started decorating?
I´m sure I´m not the only enthusiastic!

Pics from Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens,Middle West Living and

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  1. I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday for so many reasons. My family has the tradition of going to a tree farm owned by friends. Each year we rotate who gets to pick out the tree. We wander the tree farm everyone spotting "the" tree only to have the others nay it..and we wander until our feet are freezing, our noses are red, and then someone will see "the" tree. We have a 12 foot ceiling in our dining room and adjoining library where the tree year, my family picked "the" tree that we were sure would fit (finding the "biggest & best" tree has been the agenda of my kids for years (they're now 16, 18, 26 (and her boyfriend now joins us) - anyways, my husband said it was way too big, but we made him cut it down was 17' high - he was right - it didn't fit and he had to cut 6' from the tree to get it in the room...last year my daughter decided we would have 3 trees in a cluster in staggering sizes...we all loved it, we placed them in the window in the dining room...that is our new tradition on trees, so this year instead of looking for the biggest tree, we are looking for 3 skinny trees of varying height...we also have a tree in our family room - so maybe you can have the big tree in the traditional spot, and a small tree in the kitchen or entry :) just a thought or, in your son's bedroom with decorations you make together...another great tradition to start...every year make some decorations together for the tree, string popcorn or cranberries (they dry beautifully ) ok, maybe I should have emailed this comment instead :) it's very long...and by the way, I start decorating November 1st :)