lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Happy Halloween!

This saturday was our traditional Halloween party with my son´s friends. 

Every year they dress up and show up to basicly watch the first fifteen minutes of a horror movie and then go screaming all over the neighborhood.

This is me taking as many pics I could before the party started.
But the first kids arrived early and I just wasn´t ready, so not my best photos :( 

My boy and I made the leaves and the "Give Thanks" sign.

The house was filled with mice and spiders,also a crow...which I find adorable on top of that pumpkin!


There was popcorn,candy,pizza for dinner and yellowish eyes for dessert!

(My mother baked those by the way!)

Pretty spookie...

A twelve year old zoombie came to the party!

We had a pirate too and a hippie girl!

Most lovable skeleton :)

Hope you have a fun Halloween too!

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